Contemporary collecting is crucial to ensure that museum collections stay relevant for their communities, and working in collaboration with audiences and experts to conduct collecting projects can be incredibly rewarding. I have experience of developing and delivering collaborative collecting initiatives at a number of organisations. These include:

  • Tattoo art contemporary collecting with four tattoo studios in London for the Museum of London

  • Diverse contemporary collecting programme as part of London Underground's 150th anniversary commemorations

  • Punk collecting in collaboration with members of the public for the Museum of London

  • Detailed collections audit of Brian Haw protest material, featuring 790 objects, at the Museum of London

  • Telegram collecting project with five partner museums for the Information Age gallery at the Science Museum

  • Sensitive collecting of 7/7 bombing content at both London Transport Museum and Museum of London

Outcomes of these projects include both exhibition displays and additions to permanent collections. As a result, I have experience of advocating for collaborative initiatives at collection board and exhibition committee level.

Tattoo London exhibition © Museum of London

Tattoo London exhibition © Museum of London